I absolutely love your song “ Cold Bitter Wind”. Out of hundreds of demos/cds I have received over the years, Swingtime in the Rockies is the only one I’ve ever actually put in my CD player to listen to for pleasure. Kudos! ” - Christie Lipinski

— Hospitality Leader/Range Cafe

Open Range members, Ric Steinke & Linda Hausler, weave a musical blend of tight vocal harmonies & outstanding acoustic instrumentation to deliver what’s been called “Music that captures the Spirit of the West.” From the old western standards, to swing tunes of the 40’s, to western music being written today — including their own original compositions —  Ric & Linda get their musical inspiration from the wide open spaces of Montana where they live in the Shields River Valley near Livingston, Montana.

They perform as a duo, a trio, or larger western swing band, "Open Range & the Swing Stampede".

Their western swing band relies heavily on the musical style of the popular bands during the Western Swing era, combining their own original songs with the influence of these swingin' western bands to create their own original, distinctive sound. Organically grown, Montana western music at its best! 

Their duo instrumentation consists of guitars, dobro, and depending on the show, Native American flute. For a larger band, you'll enjoy three part harmony, guitars, accordion, non-pedal steel guitar, bass, and possibly fiddle and drums. 

They have 3 recordings to their credit: "Yellowstone Winds", "High Country Cookout", and "Swingtime in the Rockies", with another recording in the works. Open Range has toured with Ian Tyson, and shared the stage with performers such as Michael Martin Murphy, Don Edwards, Lee Greenwood, Leon Russell, Carolyn Martin, and others. 

If you've ever been to Yellowstone National Park, you may have heard Ric Steinke singing the good ol' cowboy classics at the chuckwagon cookout, where he's been a solo performer for 24 years. 

AWARDS: WESTERN MUSIC ASSOCIATION WINNERS, Best of the Best Harmony Award, UNITED WESTERN DANCE COUNCIL MOST DANCEABLE AWARD "BEST ORIGINAL NEW DANCE TUNE" for "Blue and Lonesome". WMA top nominee for: Best Western Duo/Band, Top Instrumentalist, Best Western Swing Album, and for Crescendo Award. Academy of Western Artists nominee for Best Western Swing Album, and Best Western Swing Song. 



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Open Range & the Swing Stampede

Open Range Duo / Photography by Neets

Open Range & the Swing Stampede

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