10/17/15 WOW! What a night!

Well, Fri night Oct 16th in Livingston MT, will be a night that Linda & I will remember for many years to come. It was unbelievable how many musicians, friends, townsfolk & neighbors all turned out to support this benefit for my hand injury, held at the Livingston Elks Lodge. We heard there were about 400 in attendance. Thank you to the ‘ground floor’ organizers, Joanne GardnerFaith Petersen(Crazy Mountain Catering), Rob BankstonJerry Mullen (Moon Over Montana sound), Joe and Sally Magalsky, and all the volunteers who worked so hard to get everything into place. John Zumpano did a great job the evening with photos...you can see album in my Photos. To everyone and all, we offer our heartfelt thanks, praise, appreciation and gratitude.

I was pretty much overwhelmed for much of the evening, rebounding from one conversation to another with whomever was tapping me on the shoulder or shaking hands at any particular time. Someone said, this would be a good time to announce my candidacy for office of something. That’s not happening! I am so thankful for so many of the musical friends that gave of their time & talents to perform during the evening plus the musicians that just showed up, visited & had a good time. Of course there wasn’t enough time for everyone to play but what a night of friendship, camaraderie & community effort. Some said they saw friends/acquaintances that they hadn’t seen in decades.

A big shout out to everyone else, friends, music lovers, neighbors, business owners where we shop, and everyone who supported or just took part in the party, thank you all. Thank you to everyone that donated items for the auction (too many to list here) or that just donated! It has been so overwhelming, such a blessing!

Update: most of the visual physical damage done to my fingers seems to be healing, skin grown over damaged parts etc. with the Index finger still healing. Have been doing rehab daily but things are still taking longer than I expected. Fingers (interior tendon area’s) are still stiff and not very flexible at all yet. Have to manually fold fingers up with my other hand to make a fist or to work them, plus the finger tips are super sensitive. Not able to play guitar yet, that will take some more time but hopefully not too long.

Thank you all!

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