5/9/16 Spring Update 

Hello Friends,

It's been a while since we've checked in but thought we'd give an update on how we're doing. It's spring here in Montana, although you wouldn't know it by looking outside and seeing everything covered in white today. 

Ric's progress is doing very well, and he continues to keep a positive attitude. He still doesn't have the dexterity he used to have in his fingers, but he works them every day and they continue to improve.  He was not able to start his winter how he normally would, working at the Lone Mountain Ranch for their sleigh ride dinner driving a team and singing at the North Fork Cabin. Missing the first couple months, he worked hard at home getting his fingers more nimble, and changing some chord work and some keys to the songs. In February he was able to start up again, as he only had to play about 6 or 7 songs, and that was doable for him. Ric has also been playing some pedal steel with some local bands the last few months, and that has been a good thing for his spirits. 

Linda decided to work at a local ranch for the winter, doing something totally different, and learned the art of being a Barista! The Crazy Mountain Ranch, also called the Marlboro Ranch, gives free trips to contestant winners, and looks just like an old western town.

On to the current....we're starting to book some Open Range dates for this summer, and we sure are looking forward to it. We have some duo, and a few band things lined up, so please check our calendar as we'll be updating it soon. Ric will also be back at Yellowstone this summer singing and playing for the chuckwagon cookout at the Roosevelt location....his 21st year! 

Thanks again to all who have checked in, and helped out in so many ways. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Linda & Ric


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